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The N-raged virus is a deadly virus that numerous people became infected after a terrible accident happened at an international airport. The infected were sent to a mysterious island where they are kept away from society if anyone infected with the N-raged virus gets angry their eyes turn red and they explode causing the virus to disperse infecting every living creature that is nearby to the vicinity.

An organization of non-infected individuals are dedicated to finding a cure and are working tirelessly for years to find a break through. 

N-raged is an action adventure rpg game with a fast paced combat system and fun gameplay. Battle enemies infected with the N-raged virus by using a variety of methods to defeat them by making use of your fighting abilities, shooting them with your handgun or use your anger to trigger the N-raged virus to take down your foes.

Explore areas that are set in an open field where there are no close quarters or walls blocking your way giving you freedom to act and move as you see fit, there are vines that you can climb, cliffs that you can jump over and you can talk to NPC’s that could assist you to help uncover the mystery of this unknown disease.

Play with 2 characters at different scenarios

Raine - A 23-year-old male field researcher infected with the N-raged virus who’s working for the organization trying to find a cure for this unknown disease

Skyler - A 21-year-old confident young women who is an exceptional fighter and has the ability to control the N-raged virus

Enjoy a fast pace fighting, hack and slash, run and gun platformer with an amazing story

-  Hand drawn illustration styled animated sprites and detailed background graphics. Each character is designed with their own unique style and personality

  - Great soundtrack that has an upbeat feel to it

  - Diverse and fun gameplay, fight with your fists, use your gun or weapon to defeat your foes

  - Level up and upgrade your skills to enhance your power.

  - Save and load system continue playing later or before any boss fight

  - Customized control scheme and adjustable audio.

  - N-raged is simple to learn and easy to play, with a challenge at every corner.

Take yourself on an epic adventure as you play with two different characters with different personalities at different scenarios. Use your amazing platforming skills to find out your true potential and perfect your combat skills

N-raged is created by one person Faheem Gabier and yes I do all the programming, animation, music, marketing all kinds of other things in between to make this game a possibility. The inspiration for making N-raged came from two indie developers that developed the titles dust elysian tail and Fran bow  their dedication to their craft really inspired me to create good-looking games with an amazing art style and narrative gameplay.

Release Date: 18 July 2018

Recommended Specs

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
OS: Windows

Created by Faheem Gabier

Press kit : https://nrageddotblog.wordpress.com/

Email: aleafstudios@gmail.com

Twitter: @AleafStudios


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